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With over 17 years of experience in tour design and planning in Europe, we are renowned for delivering personalised and professional service tailored to every cycling ability. ​


Our attentive and supportive approach prioritises the inclusion and enjoyment of our guests.  We aim to go above and beyond to create trips with the optimal balance of challenge tourism and indulgence.

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Our life is only more than 30,000 days and nights. In fact, every night of falling asleep is worth cherishing, whether it is in a familiar home, a temporary rental house, or a hotel on the road. We selected the most unforgettable rooms for your journey.

*Reservations are subject to availability and actual pricing upon booking.

Lourdes, France

San Sebastián, Spain

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France


Our boutique tours are designed perfectly to suit a wide variety of rider abilities. We pride in our customers feeling the route is planned around them; here are a few client reviews.

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I loved the bikeNOW Team support, but what was especially remarkable is how bikeNOW managed different abilities in the group; they usually had everybody arriving at the top or end at the same time and loved the Tarmac Disc.

Jeff Stobie

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Warren is just some simply great. 

BikeNOW goes over the top to deliver; they are an honest and great team. I am very proud of what they do, how they do it and how humble they are. I am a huge fan! 

Tony Hancy


I keep coming back because it is a complete break: foreign country, radio t.v. or news, different language, no city and European countryside with polite drivers, warm weather, sunshine and good company. 

Steven Rolph