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Etape 1. Provence

8 days

Avignon Region

30 June - 7 July

Distance: 396-573km

Twin Share $3,850 AUD

Your own room + $990 AUD

Couple $6350 AUD

The Provence tour is all about summer.  The south of France is all about relaxation and dining using local produce and wine to match. Riding with Cicadas blasting through lavender fields in the dry heat passing historic natural stone buildings along every road, there will be no mistaking where you are. The historic monuments, fascinating wonders and mountains that will create memories for ever.


This tour has been designed to offer the right balance between rest and adventure. We have luxurious accommodation always offering option off the bike to explore local markets, visit historic sites or just rest by the pool with an Aperol.

*There is an option to stay an additional day for the Dantilles and Mont Ventoux from the Malucene side as a tour exta.


  • Avignon walled City

  • Pont du Gard

  • Gordes Ville Flurie

  • St Remy / Van Gough

  • Carrier des Images

  • Fontaine du Vaucluse

  • Mont Ventoux Race Route

Our tours include

  • Small groups maximum of 12 guests travelling as a boutique tour

  • Qualified guide with you on the road

  • On-route vehicle support van

  • Ride options for beginners and advanced riders

  • Rider tracking, we know where you are on the road

  • Our mechanics maintain and make any repairs to your bike

  • bikeNOW bikes available (see below)

  • Airport / Rail station pick-up  included * conditions apply

  • GPS maps and mapping plus device management included

  • Non-rider activities, we have a fun program if you are not riding

  • Adapting the program to suit the conditions and group

  • Assembling and repacking your bike if you bring your own

  • A Flight bag is provided to borrow free and includes us preparing your bike for travel


The Tour Price Excludes

  • Airfares and extra accommodation

  • Travel Insurance – you must travel with insurance

  • Any Meals, or alcohol not indicated in the itinerary



  • Carefully chosen 3-4* quality hotels

  • Twin-share or room to yourself *POA

  • See below day descriptions for hotels lis

Meals and snacks

  • Breakfast Included

  • Some Dinners included on some trips *TBA

  • We provide during the day electrolytes,  drinks, fresh fruit, muesli bars


 Bike Hire

Specialized Tarmac disk low gear ration Carbon Road Bike / Ultegra; $65 AUD per day

Specialized Roubaix disk low gear ration Carbon Road Bike / Ultegra; $65 AUD per day

Specialized e-bike SL (superlight); $120 AUD per day


Payment details.

The initial deposit is $1000 120 days before travel, with free cancellation and a full refund. Full payment is required 60 days prior to departure.


*We suggest that you have comprehensive travel insurance in place before your payment to protect your trip

Arrival Details

10am 30 June 2023

Fly into Paris (CDG) or Nice (NCE, then train to Avignon by TGV

Departure Details

10am 7 July 2023

If not continuing, Train from Avignon TGV to either Paris (CDG) or Nice (NCE) Airports

Day 1    -          30/06/2023  

Hotel: Mercure Avignon Gare TGV , Avignon.

4 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool (2 nights)


Avignon Discovery tour

22km    98m     LEVEL 0 – EASY

*interactive route map below

Today is a greeting day, After we collect you from the TGV train station, you can relax at the hotel pool or bar or take a nap. We will set your bike up before the ride activity. We suggest arriving early to recover from a long journey.

Our afternoon offers a little warm-up bike test and an opportunity to explore the old walled city of Avignon. Avignon is a college bohemian town, very busy with shopping, food, and history with lots of fun at night, it “goes off”. Throughout the day we visit the city by bike and later that night we will revisit the city for dinner and a promenade to Le Pont du Avignon and the old Papal Palace.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 8.24.31 am.png

Day 2    -          01/07/2023      

Hotel: Mercure Avignon Gare TGV , Avignon.

4 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool ( 2 nights)

Activity-Pont du Gard loop

70km    639m   LEVEL 4 - INTERMEDIATE

96km    947m   LEVEL 6 – INTERMEDIATE

*interactive route maps below

Many don’t know it by name but you would recognise pictures of the famous Pont du Gard, a 2000-year-old Roman Aqueduct and man-made wonder. The Pont du Gard crosses the crystal clear warm waters of the Gard River, a swim (complete with the good old Aussie bomb off the rocks) you’ll never forget. 2 ride options for today. 

If you are interested in Roman engineering, we will discover the parameters but more importantly, the lesser-known history for some of the purposes it served Nimes.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 8.25.29 am.png

Day 3    -          02/07/2023     

Hotel: Hôtel de l'Image, Saint Remy.

4 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool (2 nights)

Activity-Le Beaux and Carriers des Images

85km    587m   LEVEL 5 – INTERMEDIATE

*interactive route maps below

Venturing south to Saint Remy which was the hometown of Van Gough, we make our way through Tarascon, Arles and Carriers des Images. I know, words that don’t mean anything yet, but you are in for a treat. Emotionally moving experiences, historic moments, and quiet winding little roads through the countryside. This day is a hidden treasure.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.13.34 am.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.10.53 am.png

Day 4    -          03/07/2023      

Hotel: Domaine de la Petite Isle, Isle Sur la Sourge.

4 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool (2 nights)


Activity-Fontaine du Vaucluse

69km    716m   LEVEL 4 - INTERMEDIATE

*interactive route maps below

Heading north toward Le Petit Luberon, we begin our ride into remote country circumnavigating small roads to a highlight of the Provence, Fontaine de Vaucluse. The dry heat of Provence heightens the value of water and more importantly, the source. Fontaine-de-Vaucluse is a natural spring bursting with cold fresh water high in minerals from the mountain. After taking time for lunch, we often take a plunge on hot days. The most amazing aspect is the bright green underwater vegetation and the clarity of the water.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.33.55 am.png

Day 5    -          04/07/2023      

Hotel: Domaine de la Petite Isle, Isle Sur la Sourge.

Star accommodation

Swimming Pool (2 nights)

Activity-Gordes - Le Luberon Gorges

83km    1448m LEVEL 7 - CHALLENGE

46km    793m   LEVEL 3 – EASY

*interactive route maps below


Moving into slightly hillier terrain, we are riding a couple of the gorges of the Luberon to visit the famous 4-star Ville Flurie, Gordes. This beautiful little hillside town is a postcard from history and one of the locations you see in movies. The village stands overlooking the valley where you can sit for a while and just take it all in. Occasionally we will see a few fighter jets wizz over from the nearby airbase.


Day 6    -          05/07/2023      

Hotel: Hôtel L'Hermitage, Pernes les Fontain.

3 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool (2 nights)


103km 2192m LEVEL 9 - CHALLENGE

55km    1773m LEVEL 6 - INTERMEDIATE

*interactive route maps below

Today is the day for the trophy cabinet, the monster of Provence, Mont Ventoux. On top of this mountain at nearly 2km high, you can see ground level. The photos just don’t do it justice but you will be moved today. And for this who likes descending… it is, without a doubt, one of the most epic downhill rides. We have listed only 2 rides for today but we will offer more choices on the day including a non-ride option, Ideally, all have to be on top together to share this momentous achievement.

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 10.06.26 am.png

Day 7    -          06/07/2023      

Hotel: Hôtel L'Hermitage, Pernes les Fontain.

3 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool  (2 nights)


105km 2435m LEVEL 9 - CHALLENGE

55km    278m LEVEL 3 - EASY

*interactive route maps below

The Luberon and Avignon are home to the 'Mistrale' winds. The northerly and westerly valley winds sometimes collide giving us the perfect summer wind storm resulting in Ventoux closures.

We have 2 days planned for Ventoux to give you double the chance of a great day on the mountain

Today we offer the reverse side of Ventoux. The northern side from Malucene is not used for the race route but with a bigger open road for Tour de France logistics access it makes for a great descent but it is also considered by many to be the better experience.

This plan presents you with a  few options. You can ride Ventoux either day in either direction offering you a free day to relax by the pool off the bike,  a shorter ride day or if you are here to ride! DO BOTH days on Ventoux to finish off your Provence holiday with a challenge.

Image by Árpád Czapp

Day 8    -          06/07/2023      

Today is the pack-up day for transit back to Avignon unless you have chosen to continuing on to the Rhone Alpes tour. 

We will help you pack up your bike if required and take you to Avignon city or TVG train station for you next journey.


Below is your complete interactive guide to each ride day by day.

You can change the type of map in the top right-hand corner.

You can zoom in or out with the +/- button bottom right,

Drag the little yellow man to see the street view (depending type on the map selected)

Navigate the selection along the bottom to find the day you want to review.

You can open or download the interactive map to view all info including climbs.


*You may need to wait for the interactive map to load depending on the speed of your connection or device.

*If the interactive map below does not load, please try a different browser or visit on desktop, we suggest for best compatibility use Chrome, Safari, Edge ect.

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