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Etape 5. Italian Alpes / Stelvio

11 days 

Como to Verona

30 July - 9 August

Distance: From 593km-650km

Twin Share $5,500 AUD

Your own room + $1,060 AUD

Couple $8,000 AUD

After your shuttle from Milan Malpensa or train to Como, you will be in Culture shock in a good way! Arriving in Como you may wonder why we are not staying there on the lake in Como village. On arrival at the beautiful lakeside village of Bellagio for a 2 night start to your Alpes immersion tour, it will all be clear. Bellagio is arguably the premium quintessential location for photography, food, shopping, cycling or relaxing and gives us great access by ferry to anywhere on lake Como.

This whole tour is about going places that many have been but doing it differently. Each day we find the best way for all abilities to experience the Italian Alpes including Stelvio, and Passo Gavia with a quick hop into Switzerland on the glacier express. However, all going to be shadowed for the last 4 days around Lago del Garda, we have non-stop indulgence on and off the bike.

*We suggest arriving a day earlier because one night is really not enough.


  • Como Village 

  • Bellagio Village

  • Madonna del Ghisallo

  • The valley ride to Tirano

  • The Glacier Express and Bernina Pass

  • The wilderness ride to Livigno and the Swiss Umbrail option

  • Passo Stelvio

  • Passo Gavia

  • RIva del Garda

  • Limone sul Garda

  • Prà Alpesina Chairlift

  • Cliff side suspended bike path

  • Villa Moron

  • Verona city (Romeo and Juliette) 

  • Riding Garda, the largest of the Italian lakes


  • Carefully chosen 3-4* quality hotels

  • Twin-share or room to yourself *POA

  • See below day descriptions for hotels lis

Meals and snacks

  • Breakfast Included

  • Some Dinners included on some trips *TBA

  • We provide during the day electrolytes,  drinks, fresh fruit, muesli bars


 Bike Hire

Specialized Tarmac disk low gear ration Carbon Road Bike / Ultegra; $65 AUD per day

Specialized Roubaix disk low gear ration Carbon Road Bike / Ultegra; $65 AUD per day

Specialized e-bike SL (superlight); $120 AUD per day


Payment details.

The initial deposit is $1000 120 days before travel, with free cancellation and a full refund. Full payment is required 60 days prior to departure.


*We suggest that you have comprehensive travel insurance in place before your payment to protect your trip

Our tours include

  • Small groups maximum of 12 guests travelling as a boutique tour

  • Qualified guide with you on the road

  • On-route vehicle support van

  • Ride options for beginners and advanced riders

  • Rider tracking, we know where you are on the road

  • Our mechanics maintain and make any repairs to your bike

  • bikeNOW bikes available (see below)

  • Airport / Rail station pick-up  included * conditions apply

  • GPS maps and mapping plus device management included

  • Non-rider activities, we have a fun program if you are not riding

  • Adapting the program to suit the conditions and group

  • Assembling and repacking your bike if you bring your own

  • A Flight bag is provided to borrow free and includes us preparing your bike for travel


The Tour Price Excludes

  • Airfares and extra accommodation

  • Travel Insurance – you must travel with insurance

  • Any Meals, or alcohol not indicated in the itinerary


Arrival Details

10am 30th July 2023

Fly into Malpensa Milan and shuttle to Como

Departure Details

10am 9th August 2023

Train to Venice, Milan or Rome to fly or fly regional out of Verona

Day 1    -          30/07/2023     

Hotel: Hotel Excelsior Splendide, Bellagio
3 Star accommodation

Swimming Pool


Bellagio lake Como      

90km    2060m LEVEL 9 – CHALLENGE

*interactive route maps below


We would love you to come a day earlier to acclimatise and explore Bellagio.

You have 3 choices today.

Explore Bellagio and have a Lake Como holiday off the bike, or start your ride with a stunning ride around lake Como to Como VIllage to finish with either a challenging climb to the famous cycling museum or a lakeside roll. 


Day 2    -          31/07/2023     

Hotel: Hotel Bernina, Tirano.

3 Star accommodation

Activity- Venture into the Italian Alpes

Level 5-Intermediate. 96.9km - 782m

*interactive route maps below


When planning a holiday in Bormio, the first part of most trips is the vehicle transfer. Sometimes during that transfer you stare out of the bus window and notice how lovely the countryside is during the drive,  you may wonder why we are not riding it. That is exactly what we will do today, ride it!  A short ferry trip across Como before we ride lakeside to the top east for morning tea at Colico. We then live our 50 shades of green ride up the dedicated bicycle road to Tirano. Immediately before the big climb to Bormio and what makes this transition possible, we stop at a great little town at the base of the famous train trip to Switzerland called the Glacier Express. From here we make the transition to Bormio not only possible by bike but also easy and adventurous.



Day 3    -          01/08/2023     

Hotel: Hotel Baita Clementi

4 Star accomodation (2 nights)


Activity-Bernina Express

Level 2-Easy. 88.5km - 1968m

Level 4-Intermediate. 57.2km - 999m

*interactive route maps below


Today is a tour planner's dream. We can all ride this day no matter what level of riding ability you are.

We start with riding the famous Bernina Express train to the top of the mountain approximately 2400m. You can ride an open carriage or enclosed for poor weather. Once we are at the top we ride down up down to tax-free Livigno ski resort for lunch. From Livigno, you have 2 options for easy or challenge back into Switzerland and Umbrail Pass, either way, you will have magnificent scenery and a huge descent to finish. Click image towatch our video:



Day 4    -          02/08/2023     

Hotel: Hotel Baita Clementi

4 Star accomodation (2 nights)


Activity-Passo Stelvio   

Level 4-Intermediate. 44.2km - 1613m

*interactive route maps below


Today is what we are here for, the Jewell of the Italian Alpes. We will climb Stelvio with support in the morning for an early return to enjoy Bormio. You can ride up and down any portion in the car or by bike. If you are eBike curious, today we could hire a bike for you. If you prefer to not ride and explore Bormio, that is okay too. There is a lot to do in Bormio including damn good pampering at the local 5 star spa resort.



Day 5    -          03/08/2023     

Hotel Garni Pegrà 

3 Star accommodation


Activity- Passo del Gavia

Level 4-Intermediate. 43.5km - 1511m

*interactive route maps below


We know many of you have been to Bormio for a long stay or maybe plan one in the future. After 2 nights in Bormio, we are taking advantage of our ability to move to explore some new countryside. We leave Bormio via Passo del Gavia but rather than return to Bormio, we keep going to complete both sides en route to Lage del Garda and onto Verona the back way but, today you will still bag a major trophy climb on Passo del Gavia.

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 2.01.03 pm.png

Day 6    -          04/08/2023     

Hotel Bonapace ***S, Madonna di Campiglio

3 Star ski resort accommodation

Indoor Spa 


Activity-Italian backcountry     

Level 3-Easy. 57.1km - 1777m

*interactive route maps below


Rides over mountains into the countryside that is not as often travelled can be difficult to plan as there is not a great deal of accommodation around some of the mountain passes. We have managed this year to secure 2 locations to keep the ride achievable and provide high-standard accommodation. We are in for some rural mountain wilderness today all the way to the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio.


Day 7    -          05/08/2023     

Grand Hotel Riva

4 Star Accomodation

Roof top swimming pool


Activity-Madonna - Riva del Garda

Level 1-Easy. 74.1km - 865m

*interactive route maps below


We have been almost everywhere and some places stand out. Some are popular tourist destinations and some are just almost hidden gems. We first found Riva del Garda from one of those photos that pop up on a windows screen saver, one of those pics that we say OMG where is that? Well, we are going there for 2 nights, so you can take your own screensaver shot. We have a lot to see and the 2 days here is a highlight.


Day 8    -          06/08/2023     

Grand Hotel Riva

4 Star Accomodation

Roof top swimming pool


Activity-Riva del Garda  lake ride

LEVEL 2 – EASY 35km    563m  

*interactive route maps below


Today is an opportunity for a real rest day today to enjoy Riva del Garda but we always have a plan. We ride lakeside early to Malcesne for the spectacular chairlift up to 1700m, You will feel on top of the world for lunch looking back on to Lago del Garda, After lunch. we return to cross Lago del Garda to Limone sul Garda by ferry, (OMG it is a great village). Then… an icon, the famous suspended bike path on the cliff edge hanging over the water. Although today is a very easy ride, aside from the suspended bike path, there are some tunnels and some climbing. Optionally you can ferry the route and or with such nice accommodation, nobody will blame you if you choose to stay in Riva del Garda for the day.

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 3.52.32 pm.png

Day 9    -          07/08/2023    

Hotel Villa Moron

3 Star Accommodation

Private swimming Pool

Activity-Ride to Villa Moron

Verona Level 2-Easy. 78.7km - 1000m

*interactive route maps below


On the odd occasion, we start our tours in Verona, but before the tour begins, we stay out of town among the small hills and vineyards to get away from the bustling city and simply love it. This year we are taking you to our favourite place for some real R & R at Villa Moron (yep, we also love the name). The destination is great but the route we take to get there is also a highlight. We will not miss Verona That’s coming.


Day 10  -          08/08/2023

Hotel Villa Moron

3 Star Accommodation

Private swimming Pool

Activity-Verona Tourist Day

45km    925m   LEVEL 4 – INTERMEDIATE

We cannot be so close to the city of Romeo and Juliet or the ancient Roman Amphitheatre without a visit. Whether you want to leave a note for a loved one below julliet's balcony sit for a classic opera in the open-air or perhaps go shopping, Verona is a city to immerse yourself in history and fill your camera roll with great photos. This day is about experiencing Verona and we offer the tour by bike or by car. Our route to Verona through around the low mountains and vineyards to return to Villa Moron.


Day 11  -          09/08/2023

Today is sadly a day to say goodby, We will help package your bike and get you to the train station or airport. 

You could perhaps consider continuing with us through the Dolomites to Venice, A few more days, those waiting back at home will understand.



Below is your complete interactive guide to each ride day by day.

You can change the type of map in the top right-hand corner.

You can zoom in or out with the +/- button bottom right,

Drag the little yellow man to see the street view (depending type on the map selected)

Navigate the selection along the bottom to find the day you want to review.

You can open or download the interactive map to view all info including climbs.


*You may need to wait for the interactive map to load depending on the speed of your connection or device.

*If the interactive map below does not load, please try a different browser or visit on desktop, we suggest for best compatibility use Chrome, Safari, Edge ect.

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