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Image by Nabih El Boustani

Etape 4. Mont Blanc
Switzerland &
The Italian Lakes

Annecy to Como

19 July - 30 July

13 days (7 day option available)

Distance: From 871km

From $6050 Couple $8250 

We toured Switzerland 2019 and have been dreaming of going back. If you are looking for new terrain to explore or you want to see the top of the world, this should be called ‘Tour du Bucket List.’ From Annecy to Lake Como via the scarcely populated European wilderness through Switzerland and the Italian Alpes. This tour is the jewel and a tour to forget about normal life and just focus on yourself. 

*If this tour is a bit long, you can start on day 3 as we leave Annecy or we can plan a pick up / drop at Interlakin half way on day 7.

*We suggest you stay with us at least an additional day to ride our Como discovery ride to Como Village and Magreglio. 


  • Col du Forclaz

  • Lac Annecy and Village

  • Chamonix

  • Mont Blanc / Aguille du Midi and 'The Void'

  • Interlakin $40 hamburgers

  • Swiss trains inc Steepest Funicular 

  • Belvédère Rhonegletscher

  • Grindelweld and the dedicated mountain traverse bike road

  • Swiss wilderness

  • Lago Maggiore,

  • Lago di Lugano

  • Lago di Como and Como Village

  • Bellagio

Arrival Details

10am 19th July 2023

Fly into Geneva and TGV to Annecy


*If you would like to split the trip half way there is an opportunity to connect via Basel or Zurich then train to Interlakin.

Departure Details

10am 30th July 2023

Shuttle to Milan Airport

*If you would like to split the trip half way there is an opportunity to connect to Basel or Zurich airports via train from Interlakin.

Day 1    -          19/07/2023      Col du Forclaz  

52km    916m   LEVEL 4 – INTERMEDIATE

To settle into tour life, we start with a few easy days exploring Annecy. We will be following the route of the recent Tour de France up Col du Forclaz. Short but with a 3 km pinch to finish (double digit gradient) will soon be forgotten whilst enjoying a bevy looking back over the Lake with Paragliders filling the sky.  If you love descending, this will be a great introduction for what is coming. Smooth roads and lots of corners. We are looking forward to seeing you pulling your bike up to a stop at the bottom of the descent with an ear-to-ear grin and knowing you are on the right tour.


Day 2    -          20/07/2023      Montee de Semnos     

59km    1500m LEVEL 5 – INTERMEDIATE

On the west side of Lake Annecy there is a climb called Montee de Semnos. A short ride, 17km and up 1100m. Today we will test your climbing legs before a great fun descent back to Annecy. We have all afternoon to explore Annecy for shopping and recreation on the lake. Annecy is the place most people would like to stay longer!


Day 3    -          21/07/2023      Le grand Bornard        

38km    1100m LEVEL 3 – EASY

60km    2044m LEVEL 7 – CHALLENGE

We normally ride directly to Chamonix however, this year we want to share a few special things on the way and get a few rides in before our rest day on Mont Blanc.  You have a choice of two rides today, ‘over or around’. You can get in another trophy climb on Col du Collet or the gentle ride around through the cute Savoy village of Thones for a cafe stop.


Day 4    -          22/07/2023      Chamonix       

74km    1232m LEVEL 6 – INTERMEDIATE

83km    1663m LEVEL 8 – CHALLENGE

Saint Gervaise holds a history and we will learn what changed after that faithful night in 1892. With the switchbacks of Flumet and through Megeve, we are deep in Tour de France country. The Savoy region offers the scenery that has millions glued to the TV each July, but not us, we live it.

We have a challenging little backroad up into the valley of Chamonix. Riding along the high valley will have you breathless curtained by mountains including Mont Blanc.


Day 5    -          23/07/2023      Mont Blanc     

63km    1744m LEVEL 7 – CHALLENGE

Today is a rest day, well sort of. It is actually a bucket list day! We suggest that you take The Aiguille du Midi cable car from Chamonix Mont-Blanc (1035m), hanging over the forest to reach le Plan de l'Aiguille in only 10 minutes to 2317m high. Then further onto the secont cable car to 3842m to what is called, the Terrace. ‘Step into the Void’ is an unforgettable experience with more than a thousand metres of emptiness beneath your feet inside this glass box. Thrills are guaranteed...This is as high as you can go up Mont Blanc without climbing gear.


Day 6    -          24/07/2023      Swiss Immersion         

93km    1132m LEVEL 6 – INTERMEDIATE

Leaving France and our 2 night stay in Mont Blanc with so much more to see, we ride across a small mountain range into Switzerland. You will experience a spectacular view coming down the long switchback looking onto the Swiss sedimentary valley of Martigny. You will clearly notice the change in culture and environment in Switzerland!

After lunch in Martigny, we have a flat ride between the rural mountains to Sierre.


Day 7    -          25/07/2023      Interlakin

49km    507m   LEVEL 3 – EASY

Only a short easy 30km ride before we go through the mountain by Train to Spiez for lunch, then finish off with an easy 25km flat ride to Interlakin. An easy ride to celebrate our arrival accommodation right on the lake. Not many tours take you to these parts but every hour in Switzerland and you will know why we are here.


Day 8    -          26/07/2023      Grindelweld    

67km    1718m LEVEL 7 - CHALLENGE

Interlakin feels like a mini Chamonix but Swiss style. Above the dual lakes of Interlaken is Grindelwald. Steep trains and big mountains are easy to find but, we have a new treat. From Grindelweld to Interkitchen there is a special little road for bikes and walkers that traverse the mountains at altitude. This we expect will be a highlight of your life or a highlight of the tour at least.


Day 9    -          27/07/2023      Bond country  

61km    2380m  LEVEL 8 – CHALLENGE

From Interkitchen to Hospental, we will be in Bond country! Just spectacular scenery on big mountains and smooth roads. We have a small plan during the climb to stop for a special treat at the steepest funicular rail in the world over 100% incline. It is sadly currently closed but we have let them know we are coming and to hurry up and get it ready. There are a few iconic scenes on the way that we will leave for you to discover as the ride rolls out, It is better when it comes as a surprise.


Day 10  -          28/07/2023      Swiss Lakes     

105km  960m   LEVEL 6 – INTERMEDIATE

We start with a 10k climb, average at 6% before a 95km downhill to Locarno on the Swiss / Italian boarder. The Lago Maggiore is a clear sign that our Italian lakes portion has begun. This is a long day but very cruisy.


Day 11 -          29/07/2023      Italian Lakes Lake Como

78km    1307m LEVEL 6 – INTERMEDIATE 3 lakes Day.

Starting today with a lakeside ride along Lago Maggiore before a little ferry to Luino and onto Lago di Lucano rolling through to Como and yet another ferry. Tonight’s accommodation is at the romance town of Lake Como, the iconic Bellagio.


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